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Drone for Collecting Water Samples

In this project my team and I retrofitted a DJI Phantom 3 drone with a custom mechatronic system to be able to collect water samples from remote locations. This project was my capstone design project at Wayne State and is some of my best work


My main responsibility in this project was designing and building the electronics that made sample collection possible. The system is built around an Arduino Uno and also uses servos, a peristaltic pump, an H-bridge, various water quality sensors, and an SD card reader. I was also responsible for manufacturing and some CAD work (NX), I 3D printed our design on my personal 3D printer and the results were great. A personal goal for this project was to use exclusively open source technology, I was able to achieve this and all of the CAD files and code is on Github:


The main challenges of this project were to have a working prototype with a budget under $500, keeping the design light weight and balanced to mitigate affects on flight, and to have the mechatronic system interact directly with water.

unnamed (6).png
unnamed (1).png
unnamed (4).png

Our group researched several existing patents, conducted a Pugh analysis, DVP&R, and FMEA to ensure a unique and robust design.

unnamed (3).png

I have included our final report and a video documenting the project below.

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